Computer virus removal

Are you experiencing strange messages, pop-ups, or toolbars on your computer? Has your homepage changed? Is your computer or Internet running really slow all of a sudden? If things are not working the way they used to, you might have a virus.

Malware. Viruses. Spyware. Whatever they may be, they are bad news and need to be dealt with. Unfortunately this is an ever-changing environment. There are always new scams, threats, and security breaches to be aware of.

We are trained to hunt down the malware and remove them from your computer. Once the viruses have been removed and your computer has been returned to normal, we can then advise and provide the latest Internet security packages to ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again.

We can come to you, at your home or business, at a time that suits for fast virus and spyware removal or bring the computer or laptop into store.

Our Malware Removal and Computer Virus Removal services:

  • Diagnose whether or not your system has malware, a virus, or spyware
  • Reset your default browser, and search settings
  • Get rid of those annoying programs that start with your computer
  • Advise on the best security options
  • Prevent further problems by providing and installing the latest security protection

It’s Not Always A Virus

Viruses aren’t the only thing that can cause constant pop-ups and slow computer performance. Some software, especially free software downloaded from the Internet, can automatically configure your computer’s settings and create shortcuts and toolbars that slow your computer’s performance.

Extra Computers can help you to remove unnecessary software, or just the annoying components that slow you down.

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